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Come visit us at an upcoming tradeshow!

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Herbs America: News & Events

Bio-active food crops from around the world...INTRODUCING OUR PRODUCTS

The HERBS AMERICA COMPANY introduces its Maca Magic and Amazon Therapeutic Laboratories brands and products to new consumers, retailers, and wholesalers in a number of ways.

Our tradeshows and other public events are legendary.

You can see a calendar for our next tradeshow or event below.

We also present lectures and slide shows to the public and industry professionals as well as doing hundreds of interactive
store demos each year. (see more details below)


Lets arrange an in-store demo for you!
Let us help you
arrange an in store demo.

The HERBS AMERICA COMPANY backs up its product lines with hundreds of interactive store demonstrations each year. Whether you're a new store or a customer simply needing service or more product information, our product brokers and representatives can help.

To contact us about demos or events or to invite us to your show call our marketing team at (541) 846-6928

For MACA MAGIC live demonstrations:

If you're already a store buyer, you may have seen or talked with Mila Lazo, Jerome Black, or some of our other dedicated Herbal Rock Stars...

Our sales reps personally visits hundreds of stores each year, handing out thousands of free samples and helping consumers and sellers understand the products better.

In addition, we manage demo teams in the Mountain Peoples and Nature's Best distribution areas.

For ATL live demonstrations:

To find out more information, please give us a call at (541) 846-6222, or click here for more information.

Come and see us at our booth!TRADESHOW & EVENTS CALENDAR

We invite you to visit our booth at an upcoming tradeshow or event.

Some of the events we usually attend or sponsor include the NNFA Las Vegas, EXPO WEST Natural Food Products in Anaheim, California, the Health and Harmony Festival, GREEN FEST, BIONEERS, and numerous other fairs and venues throughout the west.

(see a condensed list of previous shows and events below).

Dates & locations for our upcoming events and sponsorships* in 2013 (so far), are listed below. Stop by and see us at the event nearest you for all the show specials and deals- or VISIT US ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE FOR MORE EVENT & DEMO INFORMATION, comments, etc.

Natural Products Expo West

Natural Products Expo West - March 8th-10th, 2013, in Anaheim, California.

This event is a big deal in the natural food and products world and always one of our favorites of the year to attend and show off our products.

Stop by our booth #2230, in the organics section, and say hello... and while you're there, have a shot or 2 of our world famous Maca Magic macaroot extract to keep you energized. For more show information and particulars, click here.


Thresholds Brand Expo Table Top Show - April 21st, 2013, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

This is a new show for us and we're looking forward to meeting everybody in San Juan and showing them what we're all about! The event is held at the Caribe Hilton in San Juan... Hope to see you there and share some awesome specials with you!


*Sponsored Events:

The Herbs America Company SPONSORS various events throughout the year. Booth and other details vary from event to event, but the basic idea is:

"Herbs America chooses to sponsor events that align with the company philosophy of "Eat well! Think well! Live close to nature and work for the good of the community!"

Sponsorship allows Herbs America to lend a helping hand to favorite expos, trade shows, conferences and non-profit fund-raisers.

Herbs America is interested in new sponsorship opportunities... Please feel free to contact us with your ideas!

Past Shows include:

(a short, non-inclusive list)

- Bioneers Conference - October 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011- San Rafael, California.
- Natural Products Expo West - March 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012- Anaheim, California.
- Natural Products Expo East - March 2011- Baltimore, Maryland.
- Greenfestival Seattle - March 2009- Seattle, Washington.
- Planting the Future Conference - (Herb Pharm Farm) - May, 2009- Williams, Oregon.
- Raw Spirit Festival - June, 2009- Santa Barbara California.
- Old Fashion 4th of July Festivities- July, 2009- Ashland, Oregon
- Mystic Garden Party- July, 2009- Ashland, Oregon
- Beloved: Oregon Sacred Art & Music Festival- August, 2009- Florence, Oregon
- Jefferson State Music Festival and Food Drive- August, 2009- Grants Pass, Oregon (sponsor)
- Bhakti Fest- September, 2009- Joshua Tree, California
- Breitenbush Herbal Conference- September, 2009 and 2010- Detroit, Oregon (sponsor in 2010)
- Oktoberfest (at the Playboy Mansion)- October, 2009- Los Angeles, California (sponsor)
- Amazon Watch 4th Annual Celebration- October, 2009- San Francisco, California
- Middle East Natural & Organic Product Expo- December, 2009- Dubai, Emirates
- Whole Children, Whole Planet Expo- April, 2010- Northridge, California
- Planting the Future Conference- May, 2010- Santa Rosa, California
- Natural Products Expo East- October, 2010- Boston, Massachusetts
- SPARC (Symposium for Research on Complementary & Alternative Medicine)- April, 2011- Portland, Oregon
- Nature's Best Tabletop Show- May, 2011- Waikiki, Hawaii
- NCNM Health Biz Expo- April, 2011 and 2012- Portland, Oregon
- UNFI Tabletop West- June, 2012- Portland, Oregon

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Listen to Jerry Black on the Dr. Pat Show!OUR BRANDS IN THE NEWS

This section includes some news, articles, published stories, and related press about our products and brands.

- Talk Radio: The Dr. Pat Show- Jerry Black, founder of Herbs America, speaks about the history of macaroot and Herbs America- 9/16/09.

See the introduction page and listen to the streaming audio show archived here: www.thedrpatshow.com/guests

******************************************************************************************************************************************************Best of Grants Pass local business award- 2008

Best of Grants Pass local business award- 2009
- Best of Grants Pass, 2009 award- For Herbs America- by Us Local Business Association.

Read the details in the press release issued June 8th, 2009.


- Best of Grants Pass, 2008 award- For Herbs America- by Us Local Business Association.

Read the details in the press release issued December 15th, 2008.


If you come across something in the news or on the internet you think we should see or know about, please let us know!

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